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Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Not many songs make me do this…..

This is currently my favorite song that we play!


Thursday, May 19, 201605/19/2016

Thoughts from Gawain The Great Job Shadow!!

As a fifteen year old freshman at Poland Regional High School, it was outstanding to shadow the WPOR Morning Crew.…


Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

VERY interesting weight loss study

If you’re trying to lose weight and it’s going slooooowly, read this.


Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

OMG! THE BEST fried clams I think I’ve ever had!

Okay, I know…. I’m on the Weight Watchers program, but when your husband wants to go to Ken’s Place, you go to Ken’s place!!


Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

Southern Maine Heart Walk surpasses their goal!

Great walk for the American Heart Association yesterday!!

Meghan Trainor during an appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.' Meghan  trips and falls right after her number. Jimmy joins her.

Featuring: Meghan Trainor
Where: United States
When: 13 May 2016
Credit: Supplied by WENN.com

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Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

Another reason that Jimmy Fallon is the best!

Friday night, pop star, Meghan Trainor performed her new single, “Me too” on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. ¬†She…


Tuesday, May 10, 201605/10/2016

KFC’s new edible nail polish

KFC has taken the flavor of chicken one step further … with their new “finger lickin’ good” nail polish!


Monday, May 9, 201605/09/2016

Jake came to visit the POR Morning Crew!

You would love this dog! He was very well behaved when he was in studio.


Monday, May 9, 201605/09/2016

Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon

Friday night, Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon debuted their new “country duo” called FML, featuring songs based on stories posted on the website FML.


Monday, May 2, 201605/02/2016

Two guys catch a 180 pound carp with the ashes of their dead buddy!!

Maybe they are on to something…….


Asian Beer Man

The POR Morning Crew is full again, talking about booze!

USA drink the most! WHOOOOOOOAA!!!!!

Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Here is why you buy an iced coffee today

This interview sums up why donations are so special.


Vegans be like “I got this!”

And sometimes that can do attitude doesn’t cut it.


Hello Mr. Lion

This is why camping can sometime be….um…terrifying!

Soda Bottle

Sarah and Adam talk American drinking habits

Jon is still missing, but the show must go on!

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