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Sarah Sullivan

Tuesday, April 19, 201604/19/2016

SLAP is in studio. (It’s not what you think, maybe)

We are joined by some exceptional athletes in studio and Sarah attempts to take them on!

Ying Yang Question Marks

Tuesday, April 19, 201604/19/2016

Here is what we learned

Everything is well worth knowing, even what we talk about.


Tuesday, April 19, 201604/19/2016

So apparently people just leave cars running while they shop…

Yea i was a bit shocked by this fact.

Ying Yang Question Marks

Tuesday, April 19, 201604/19/2016

Would you rather?

We play a game of “would you rather”. lets see what it is.

Ying Yang Question Marks

Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

Knowledge is power

Here is what we learned today, the 18th of April!

Empty red bench in park

Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

Introducing the Selfie Bench! (patent pending)

Sure, this might look like just an ordinary bench to you….

Turkey Stare Down

Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

Kamikaze Turkey

Look both ways never was meant to apply to something like this.

Pop Culture Nesting Dolls
Picture shows: Ghostbusters
Ginger Williams is a painter with many different styles. However, it's her popular culture themed nesting dolls that have captured the imagination of the online community.
The Big Lebowski, the Jackson Five, True Blood, The Beatles, Ghostbusters... are  just a few examples. Perhaps her most popular creation so far are the 'Golden Girls'.
Ginger writes, " I’ve been blogged and reblogged and am embarking on different media segments. I am actually writing this only an hour after seeing my segment on MSNBC, and words cannot describe the feeling this brings me. I still have all of the nesting dolls, including those famous Golden Girls that we all treasure. As far plans right now, I am still planning to have them at my show in Jackson, MS, in a silent auction. Unless Sweet Betty White contacts me and wants to buy them from me, that’s the plan for now!"
USA - November 2011

Featuring: Pop Culture Nesting Dolls
Where: United States
When: 17 Nov 2011
Credit: WENN

Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

What are the best jobs

So it may surprise you what the best jobs are, so listen up and see if you agree?

Old Time Mic

Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

I hate Mondays….

I know I am not breaking new ground with this statement…but give us a break, it’s early!


Monday, April 18, 201604/18/2016

The staple of healthy eating

Is McDonalds bad for you? Well yes, obviously. But somehow they managed to make it even MORE unhealthy!



Pizza box pizza is gross

I would never, in a million years, eat this pizza.

Pink Elephant Fishing

Ron balls catch the biggest fish

What better way to commemorate a dead friend than by using him as fishing bait?

Ying Yang Question Marks

Recap of the day!

We covered a lot today, so lets see what we took away from it!

Editing Roll Film

Curt Schilling is edited out

Political correctness at its worst people…when will this end?!

Automatc Toll Booth

Toll booths best be paid

If you forget to pay your tolls, this could be you.

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