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Wednesday, April 13, 201604/13/2016

Guilt riddled Facebook posts

We all know there is a LARGE variety of horrendously annoying Facebook posts, but here is one in particular we should all hate.

Swedish Flag

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

We call Magnus, in Sweden!

This bit will NEVER get old! We can call Sweden, so why not!? Here, meet Magnus the Swede.


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Jon had a bad hair cut

Lesson learned. When you go get a haircut, make sure it’s from the person you trust and know!

Adam as Tube Man

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Adam used to be a street teamer, so ask him!

Before Adam became the world famous, professional broadcaster you hear today on air, he was a street teamer!

The 64th Miss Universe Pageant held at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - Arrivals

Featuring: Steve Harvey
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
When: 20 Dec 2015
Credit: DJDM/WENN.com

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

What we learned on the 12th of April

We are just full of wisdom and such.

Ballot Box

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Voted worst actors

Listen in, do you agree with the choices? A STAPLER! Rated PG-13.


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

The couples app

As if we don’t have enough issues talking to one another face to face…

Swedish Flag

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

We call a woman in Sweden named Anastasia…I can’t spell

Yup, we are going to keep calling Sweden until…well until WE get bored with it!

Man with Cane

Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

The man with a cane saves Ihop

Cane Man to the rescue!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 201604/12/2016

Spooky camping

As if the threats of bears and other wild animals wasn’t enough to keep you up at night.



Adam has some serious issues

Who can’t wait just a few days!? I mean, he’s an adult (age wise at least)

Ying Yang Question Marks

We learned so much today

Pricing, voice-a-likes, and so much more!


Candy bar? NO! Meat bars bro!

How does a meat bar sound? Well, take a guess to what candy company said yes to this idea!

Wedding Dress

Weddings make the price go UP!

If you are planning a party, a lot of planners and vendors will jack that price up if it’s that special day!



Aren’t you excited!! We certainly are!

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