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Friday, May 6, 201605/06/2016

Pats cheerleader in studio!

Lucky us!


Friday, May 6, 201605/06/2016

Adam posts videos to social media without Jon and Sarah knowing

I guess jon and sarah want to be made aware of when Adam posts things on social media with them in it. No fun!

Wooden Boat

Friday, May 6, 201605/06/2016

A real life Noahs Arc

This dude had a lot of time and money for this!


Friday, May 6, 201605/06/2016

Birds the word

Jon has a bird issue to deal with.

Stereotypical Nerd

Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

Battle of the NERDS!

Nerd V Nerd! Spell-off. 3…2…1…SPELL!!!


Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

Jon has an update

Ever notice….sssssssomtimessssssss when Jon talkssss?

Mail Woman

Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

Who needs Life Alert anyway!

A story of how the postal service saved a life, literally!

Ying Yang Question Marks

Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

We learned stuff today!

Join us for a show recap would ya!?


Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

The attention seeking Giraffe Woman!

“Yet another self-obsessed, attention craving, ‘me me me’ person. Yuck!” -Adam Rondeau

Closed Flip Phone

Thursday, May 5, 201605/05/2016

Drug dealers phone goes off at the WORST time!

I mean, literally the WORST time for a drug dealers phone to go off! There is no worse time than this!



Young whipper-snappers today, I tell ya!

These damn kids today with their music and their skateboards!


Plans for Memorial Day

Since we have a three day weekend, let’s do something!!

Ying Yang Question Marks

We learned so much

With Connor in studio today job shadowing, we learned EVEN MORE!


Adam needs help being a best man

Adam needs help! He is the best man in a wedding, which he has never done before.


Suggestions for Adam being a best man

Adam is the best man in his best friends wedding…but since he’s such a dope, he has no idea what to do.

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