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Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

Tweet Tracking

Mr. Owl, how many Tweets does it take for people to track your every move?

Ying Yang Question Marks

Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

Monday learning

Since it’s Monday, don’t expect THAT much, c’mon.


Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Liquid Riot Brewery in studio!

To wrap up craft beer week, we have Liquid Riot in studio!

Asteroid flies in the dark space

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

What’s a meteor worth to you?

Look down as you walk, it could be the easiest $20,000 you ever earned.

Two Graduate Girls

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Scholarships are awarded

During our latest breakfast broadcast, we met a fella who mentioned this, so here ya go!

Angry Car Driver

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Who are the worst drivers you ask?

You probably already guessed it, am I right?

Theme Park Ride

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

These are actual theme parks

I like the Soviet one personally, but hey, I am a man of adventure.

Old School Reel Camera

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Theater smells dictate the movie

Did you know, that if you smell things in a theater, it can tell you whether it is going to be good or not? Science!

Seed Bags

Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Kids today with their drugs

Be aware, any kids who develop a strong urge to plant seeds is probably lying.


Friday, May 20, 201605/20/2016

Jon and his grill

Jon needs a new grill, assembled. But he can’t do it himself.


POR Duck Lips

They say we only use 10% of our brain anyway…

Here’s a feel good story that should make you want to try harder in life.


Adam has an interesting drug story

While the bar was dead, Adam needs SOMETHING to keep him busy.

Guy Laughing

Chewbacca mask lady

This woman has the most infectious laugh I have ever heard!


Who else sells a gun for a quarter mil?

I bet you could guess who this is if you think back to Florida a few years ago….

Thumbs up

It’s Monday! I need good news

On this, the day after the weekend, we all need some cheering up. THANKS EVERYONE!

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