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Ying Yang Question Marks

Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

We learned a lot today

So much is needed to be as smart as this morning crew


Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

Earth Day

Things you can do to make this Earth Day and those to come the best one ever!

Sarah Sullivan

Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

Sarah can’t figure out Snapchat

Sarah also has an issue learning Snapchat. Well worth a listen!

Lonely Guy Watching TV

Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

Teledultery – we are mostly all guilty of this

I don’t care who you are, you have probably done this on multiple occasions.

Manager Office Guy

Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

McDonalds managers don’t make enough to do this

Really, it doesn’t matter what job you hold, risking your life is never a good idea.

Math Paper

Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

Sarah can’t do math

Apparently Sarah was an English major.


Friday, April 22, 201604/22/2016

These are real words now in the dictionary. Sigh….

I guess acronyms make great words now?


Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

Jons meds will literally kill him

Jon wants his tongue to stop being numb…but he also doesn’t want an irregular cycle…so there’s that?

MMPR logo

Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

FINALLY! Adams obsession pays off! (literally)

Adams child like obsession with the Power Rangers actually pays off on a different child like venture!

Sarah Sullivan

Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

Sarah says no to rewards

You read it right, Sarah has no interest in saving money!!!


Asian Beer Man

The POR Morning Crew is full again, talking about booze!

USA drink the most! WHOOOOOOOAA!!!!!

Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Here is why you buy an iced coffee today

This interview sums up why donations are so special.


Vegans be like “I got this!”

And sometimes that can do attitude doesn’t cut it.


Hello Mr. Lion

This is why camping can sometime be….um…terrifying!

Soda Bottle

Sarah and Adam talk American drinking habits

Jon is still missing, but the show must go on!

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