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Wedding Dress

Friday, April 29, 201604/29/2016

Weddings make the price go UP!

If you are planning a party, a lot of planners and vendors will jack that price up if it’s that special day!


Friday, April 29, 201604/29/2016


Aren’t you excited!! We certainly are!

Adam as Tube Man

Friday, April 29, 201604/29/2016

Adam sounds like Kermit the Frog I guess

Do you hear it? I don’t, but some people think different.


Friday, April 29, 201604/29/2016

Adam made a purchase…with a strange delivery

Tell me what you think, because I (Adam) feel like this is not right.

Baby pic

Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Kids named after their birth places

So, this is a strange way to come up with a kids name but of course it has happened.

Old VCR tape

Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Things that delay movies.

OH Hollywood, what are you doing? If you make millions staring in movies, just shut up and play your role!

Chemistry Tubes

Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Science has PROOF! We work more than we should!

Thank you science, I have been saying this for ever!


Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Must follows on Twitter

Twitter has some accounts that are well worth a follow.


Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Dogs apparently hate hug…

Adam must disagree with this because he hugs Bella all the time and swears she loves it! (Or so he says)

Sarah Sullivan

Thursday, April 28, 201604/28/2016

Sarah goes to the dentist

Sarah has a trip to the dentist and this goes down!


The Word MOIST

MOIST! Do you like that word?

We all have that friend, that one person who hates this word. Now, it’s science saying why!

Ying Yang Question Marks

The day has come to an end

Today is over, done, gone. Another show in the books. But fear not, we learned a lot!

Marathon Runners

100 years young

Seriously, next time someone says “age is just a number”, this woman can be your proof.

Vertical portrait of mature Asian woman, dressed in red bath robe, in walk-in closet combing her hair while looking at her hanging clothes

Girls and their closets

Hunny…c’mon…do you really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?

Pills spilling from an open bottle

Star Wars, ADD and meds, Sarahs weigh in

We got a lot to go through in a short amount of time, so listen close!

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