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Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

Rainbow art

I like the idea that someone can express themselves with controversial work, but have the backbone to stand behind it when the storm of complaints arises.

money woman

Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

New money or no money!

They always said “cash is King” well, now it’s Queen as well.


Thursday, April 21, 201604/21/2016

Don’t pet the Buffalo

I shouldn’t have to explain this!!!

Three freight containers isolated on white background

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

Shipping crates have a new use

Here is a new concept for the homeless issue. What do you think?

Sarah Sullivan

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

Sarahs has good news!

This is great news!

Volcano with Building

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

Disaster hangouts

Some disturbed part of me kinda thinks it would be fun to hang out in a place during a natural disaster?

Dolphin World

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

More Fantasy stuff

We really take it serious when one says “let your imagination run wild”.

Fantasy Door Open

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

More fantasy places to go

Let your imagination run wild!


Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

Goat Time

Lets talk about how cute these goats are!!!

Magical Peacock

Wednesday, April 20, 201604/20/2016

If you could go anywhere, real or fake

If you could go anywhere, reality or make believe…



Pizza box pizza is gross

I would never, in a million years, eat this pizza.

Pink Elephant Fishing

Ron balls catch the biggest fish

What better way to commemorate a dead friend than by using him as fishing bait?

Ying Yang Question Marks

Recap of the day!

We covered a lot today, so lets see what we took away from it!

Editing Roll Film

Curt Schilling is edited out

Political correctness at its worst people…when will this end?!

Automatc Toll Booth

Toll booths best be paid

If you forget to pay your tolls, this could be you.

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