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Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015


The Morning Crew share their biggest driving pet peeves, and we ask you what yours are too! http://media.wpor.com/driving_pet_peeves.mp3Podcast: Play in…


Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Sarah’s near death experience!

While trimming the hedges this past weekend, Sarah accidentally snipped the power cord of her hedge trimmer in half! Here’s…


Friday, August 7, 201508/07/2015

Fun Food Friday!

Sarah loves to bring in bizarre and fun foods for Jon and Nick to try, with varying results http://media.wpor.com/fun_food_friday_pb_and_mayo.mp3Podcast: Play…


Thursday, August 6, 201508/06/2015

We got jokes!

More of Nick the intern’s famously stupid jokes, and actually funny ones from you the listeners! http://media.wpor.com/jokes_and_jokes_and_jokes_part_1.mp3Podcast: Play in new…


Thursday, August 6, 201508/06/2015

Hot Ice cream? Kinda defeats the purpose

Jon, Sarah, and Nick the intern discuss a new flavor of ice cream that is currently all the rage…. Ghost…


Monday, August 3, 201508/03/2015

Googling yourself is fun!

There are a bunch of different things you can do with google that will absolutely kill your production at the…


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Visit with Mom

If you have an aging parent or Grandparent, here’s some good advice if you are having a hard time dealing with their failing memory.


Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

Taylor Swift is trying to take over the world!

Not really, Nick the intern is just crazy, but Jon shares his story of his trip to the Taylor Swift…


Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

Dad shames daughter for theft

A 14 year old girl stole a bunch of stuff from her family, and her Dad made her parade around…

American football player Rob Gronkowski continues to celebrate the New England Patriots NFL Super Bowl XLIX win into the early ours of the morning with his entouratge at Madeo Restaurant in West Hollywood. Rob left the restaurant with a soaking wet shirt and ripped trousers. He then posed for photographs with a trio of young women before throwing a bunch of red and white roses into the ground with a touchdown style action.

Featuring: Rob Gronkowski
Where: Los Angeles, California, United States
When: 02 Feb 2015
Credit: 3rd Eye/WENN.COM

Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

GRONK SMASH Family Feud Style

Pats TE Rob Gronkowski made an appearance on the Family Feud and the results were… predictable http://media.wpor.com/gronk_on_family_feud.mp3Podcast: Play in new…



Why is this not HUGE news?? Guy dies from a meteorite?!!

Forget the NH Primary. We should be talking about this guy who died from a falling meteorite!!


The Internet is making you DUMBER and here’s why

There is a reason why your brain can’t concentrate on just one thing. It’s the internet’s fault!

Style: "Agfa"

Jon gives Sarah a quiz. Oh boy.

Turns out, she’s not fluent in balls. Balls, balls, balls, balls……


Beware the double dippers at the Superbowl Party! They could KILL YOU!!

Don’t double dip! No matter how tempting it is….. It could kill someone!

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