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Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Starbucks Lawsuit

My brain…can only hurt…from stupidity…so much…

Ying Yang Question Marks

Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

What we learned today was important

Jon, Sarah, and Adam are getting smarter by the day!

Women mopping

Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Our callers agree, chores are the worst

Again, as I said, we all HATE chores!!


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Chores we hate

Chores around the house suck…we know this.


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Animal Airport Bathrooms

Flying with pets? Sick of checking back in through security just for your furry pal to take a leak? GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Urban Dictionary

If you are unaware of Urbandictionary.com, please do yourself the favor and go there, use the random word button and just scroll through and laugh.


Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

Sponge gun Police pants

They say it’s like getting hit with a hockey puck…yet, it’s just a sponge

watch tv

Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

It’s screen free week!

What is screen free week you ask? Allow us to tell you!

Old Time Mic

Tuesday, May 3, 201605/03/2016

A little bit about the Old Port Fest

In case you forgot, there is this thing called the Old Port Fest!


Monday, May 2, 201605/02/2016

Pizza box pizza is gross

I would never, in a million years, eat this pizza.


The Word MOIST

MOIST! Do you like that word?

We all have that friend, that one person who hates this word. Now, it’s science saying why!

Ying Yang Question Marks

The day has come to an end

Today is over, done, gone. Another show in the books. But fear not, we learned a lot!

Marathon Runners

100 years young

Seriously, next time someone says “age is just a number”, this woman can be your proof.

Vertical portrait of mature Asian woman, dressed in red bath robe, in walk-in closet combing her hair while looking at her hanging clothes

Girls and their closets

Hunny…c’mon…do you really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?

Pills spilling from an open bottle

Star Wars, ADD and meds, Sarahs weigh in

We got a lot to go through in a short amount of time, so listen close!

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