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Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

US Version of the Dog Man!

This is a thing…this is a real story, of a real thing.


Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Gross ear stories from callers


Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Goat Man experiment

We need to do this, we NEED to know what a goats life is like!

Remote Control with Plane

Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016


This may be the GREATEST way to memorialize your pets.

Thumbs up

Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

The Price is Right and Survivor meet!

When two shows, one good, one eh…combine! This is what you get!


Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Simpsons give a speech

Nothing makes a speech better than characters from the Simpsons.


Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Walrus selfie

Careful when and where you take a selfie dumbies!

Ying Yang Question Marks

Tuesday, May 24, 201605/24/2016

Here is what we learned

We know we’re smart, but this proves it!

POR Duck Lips

Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

They say we only use 10% of our brain anyway…

Here’s a feel good story that should make you want to try harder in life.


Monday, May 23, 201605/23/2016

Adam has an interesting drug story

While the bar was dead, Adam needs SOMETHING to keep him busy.



Young whipper-snappers today, I tell ya!

These damn kids today with their music and their skateboards!


Plans for Memorial Day

Since we have a three day weekend, let’s do something!!

Ying Yang Question Marks

We learned so much

With Connor in studio today job shadowing, we learned EVEN MORE!


Adam needs help being a best man

Adam needs help! He is the best man in a wedding, which he has never done before.


Suggestions for Adam being a best man

Adam is the best man in his best friends wedding…but since he’s such a dope, he has no idea what to do.

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