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Thursday, July 10, 201407/10/2014

Survey says, you’re too old to do anything…at all.


Tuesday, July 8, 201407/08/2014

Rachel Has Diver Tickle Side Osis

Find out why Rachel has been out for all of this time.


Friday, June 20, 201406/20/2014

Awesome Poetry Friday…you can’t touch this. No, really.

You don’t want to miss Awesome Poetry Friday


Friday, June 20, 201406/20/2014

“No offense, but….”

Here are some phrases we hope to NEVER hear.


Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

Rachel’s Feel Good Story

KFC donates $30K to help 3-year-old


Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

Secrets to a happy family

Some tips that will help you have a happy family

money woman

Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

21 things you should NEVER buy at a yard sale

From Readers Digest – 21 Things You Should Never Buy at Yard Sales Bargains are great, but cross these gross,…


Wednesday, May 28, 201405/28/2014

6 Cookout Staples That Can Make Your Dog Very Sick

Things that can poison for your dog


Thursday, May 22, 201405/22/2014

Ask WPOR man!

Listeners send in their requests for advice from WPOR man… they probably don’t get much help from him, but he…


Tuesday, May 20, 201405/20/2014

(Mike) Eli Young Band Joins the Morning Crew

Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band joins the Morning Crew



Rich People buy the weirdest stuff

If you were a billionaire would you spend $35,000 on a name for your child? Apparently some people do since there are companies that provide that service!


Our stories from the Garth Brooks shows

Garth Brooks had a few (6!) shows over the weekend, and Jon, Sarah, and Nick the intern were lucky enough to attend 1. Here are their stories


Superbowl snack tips from a fat guy!

Need tips on what to cook for the big game? Ask the experts! A fat dude has shared his favorite recipes!


Master Chef Junior winner Chef Logan stops by

The Winner of Master Chef Junior Season two winner Logan talks to Jon, Sarah, and Nick the Intern about fame, fortune, and fun!


College majors that won’t make you rich

Nick the intern shares the 10 college majors that have the lowest starting salary… Is it worth it to be happy at work but broke?

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