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Grim Reaper

Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

This woman dies, and still makes us laugh!

I love it when people are just funny, and even in death….

Jon - Kitty

Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

No date? Bring a cat!

Remember when you had to find a date for prom but probably couldn’t? Well, just bring your cat!


Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

Adam is very angry at young people using Snapchat!

Adam just can’t deal with the stupidity and hypersensitivity of people!


Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

A few texts regarding Adams angry rant

People seem to respond when Adam gets angry at things…good to know.

Sarah Sullivan

Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

Sarah does a sorta weigh in break

I call it a sorta weigh in because she didn’t actually go do her weigh in. So ya…


Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

Can you give up WI-FI?

There are apparently a lot of things people would give up other than WI-FI. Yikes…

Ying Yang Question Marks

Wednesday, May 18, 201605/18/2016

We learn so much

Today, we learned so much, did you?


Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016


Human beings…the most destructive species Earth has to offer…

Ying Yang Question Marks

Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

We learned today, something useful

I’d give Jon line of the day with that one.

Asian Beer Man

Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

Bear Bones Brewery in studio

Since it’s national craft beer week, we might as well take a little tasty-poo!


Asian Beer Man

The POR Morning Crew is full again, talking about booze!

USA drink the most! WHOOOOOOOAA!!!!!

Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Here is why you buy an iced coffee today

This interview sums up why donations are so special.


Vegans be like “I got this!”

And sometimes that can do attitude doesn’t cut it.


Hello Mr. Lion

This is why camping can sometime be….um…terrifying!

Soda Bottle

Sarah and Adam talk American drinking habits

Jon is still missing, but the show must go on!

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