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Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

Maine is so boring, we added a song!

Sometime we just can’t let things go. We’re kind of butt hurt about this.

Email hand out monitor

Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

No more email!

France?! Hmm…finally a good idea!


Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016


I promise you will be grossed out if you flip your keyboard over and tap on the underside of it.


Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

We are boring

Yup. Maine is actually 10th…but who is counting?

Dumb looking Turtle

Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016

The new B.I.G. is named Henry

This turtle is more awesome than your kids

Fireball in Space

Tuesday, May 17, 201605/17/2016


Whether you are singing that Pitbull song or wondering if it’s aliens just hiding!

jon goat

Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

Jon has a touching story

It’s always nice to see the good in people shine through like this.


Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

Self-respecting adults should NEVER do these things on Facebook

There are so many more things than what we mention here, do some research, see what ones you do, then STOP!

Super Hero

Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

NYC has a new face for justice…

They call me….the Dark Guardian….

Sarah Sullivan

Monday, May 16, 201605/16/2016

Sarah went to a play!

Sarah spent part of her weekend at the theater! Or is it theatre?


Asian Beer Man

The POR Morning Crew is full again, talking about booze!

USA drink the most! WHOOOOOOOAA!!!!!

Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Here is why you buy an iced coffee today

This interview sums up why donations are so special.


Vegans be like “I got this!”

And sometimes that can do attitude doesn’t cut it.


Hello Mr. Lion

This is why camping can sometime be….um…terrifying!

Soda Bottle

Sarah and Adam talk American drinking habits

Jon is still missing, but the show must go on!

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