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Thursday, October 22, 201510/22/2015

An owl dancing with an owl to the Monster Mash

This baby owl loves the Monster Mash! This video is originally from 2012, but it’s worth rewatching!!


Thursday, October 22, 201510/22/2015

Reba sings Taylor Swift at a bar brawl

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Reba singing a Taylor Swift song, and a bar fight breaks out.


Thursday, October 22, 201510/22/2015

This 4-year-old wants a CVS theme birthday!

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This 4-year old girl from Arkansas decided she wanted a special birthday party, with a CVS theme! That’s right, the store.


Tuesday, October 20, 201510/20/2015

McDonald’s cup dubstep

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I wonder how long this guy had to practice to get this down? He does a great job with a McDonald’s cup and a straw!!


Tuesday, October 20, 201510/20/2015

This Kid Did NOT Eat The Cupcake

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Pay no attention to that blue frosting …


Tuesday, October 20, 201510/20/2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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A lot of theater websites CRASHED yesterday because tickets went on sale for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It doesn’t hit the theater until December 18th!


Monday, October 19, 201510/19/2015

Insects are WICKED healthy for you!

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In case you missed this, a new study at the University of Oxford rated different proteins on their calories, protein, fat,…


Thursday, October 15, 201510/15/2015

First tweeting chicken ever! Really! Check out this video: #chickentweet

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Who says Twitter is just for humans? Meet Betty. The first tweeting chicken


Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

Max needs a new home!

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Max is our Pet of the Week!  He’s a Lab Mix and is just a sweet, smiley guy!  Click here…


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

The Summit Project

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Sarah is hiking Cadillac Mountain on Saturday for The Summit Project


The Word MOIST

MOIST! Do you like that word?

We all have that friend, that one person who hates this word. Now, it’s science saying why!

Ying Yang Question Marks

The day has come to an end

Today is over, done, gone. Another show in the books. But fear not, we learned a lot!

Marathon Runners

100 years young

Seriously, next time someone says “age is just a number”, this woman can be your proof.

Vertical portrait of mature Asian woman, dressed in red bath robe, in walk-in closet combing her hair while looking at her hanging clothes

Girls and their closets

Hunny…c’mon…do you really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?

Pills spilling from an open bottle

Star Wars, ADD and meds, Sarahs weigh in

We got a lot to go through in a short amount of time, so listen close!

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