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Friday, June 26, 201506/26/2015

Warm Black Bean dip – Fun Food Friday!!

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Warm spicy Black bean dip with quinoa, walnuts, red peppers and onions   1 Red Bell Pepper ¾ c. Walnuts…


Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

This story is fascinating!

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Rachel Dolezal pretends she’s black?? W….what?!


Monday, June 8, 201506/08/2015

Academy Award winners aren’t always the best movies…..

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If you are planning to see “Whiplash,” you might not want to read this blog.  There are major spoilers here.…


Wednesday, May 27, 201505/27/2015

Animal Man’s 12 Impressions

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This is Animal Man, and he has the amazing ability to sound exactly like a dozen animals.


Friday, May 15, 201505/15/2015

Fun Food Friday – Homemade Frozen Yogurt

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Fun Food Friday – Homemade Frozen Yogurt

iHeartRadio Country Festival held at the Frank Erwin Center - Arrivals

Featuring: Brad Paisley
Where: Austin, Texas, United States
When: 02 May 2015
Credit: Arnold Wells

Wednesday, May 13, 201505/13/2015

Brad Paisley’s Video for Crushin’ It

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Who knew Brad Paisley could draw??


Monday, May 11, 201505/11/2015

This Irish kid can DANCE!!

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I love the fearless way this kid dances! Good for him!


Friday, May 8, 201505/08/2015

Fun Food Friday!

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Great Mother’s Day brunch casserole idea!


Friday, May 1, 201505/01/2015

New website – How Old Do I Look?

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This new Microsoft website will use your photo to tell you how old you look! All you have to do is upload a photo, and the site does the rest.


Wednesday, April 29, 201504/29/2015

Feel Good Story

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Here’s a great story to make you feel good! Maybe do something like this yourself?!



The Internet is making you DUMBER and here’s why

There is a reason why your brain can’t concentrate on just one thing. It’s the internet’s fault!

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Jon gives Sarah a quiz. Oh boy.

Turns out, she’s not fluent in balls. Balls, balls, balls, balls……


Beware the double dippers at the Superbowl Party! They could KILL YOU!!

Don’t double dip! No matter how tempting it is….. It could kill someone!


Groundhog Day with TV weatherman Kevin Mannix

Jon and Sarah celebrate Groundhog Day with TV weatherman Kevin Mannix. Does Kevin see his shadow? Will we have 6 more weeks of winter?

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