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Tuesday, March 15, 201603/15/2016

Don’t Judge a Dog by its Breed

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Allow me to explain why if you think a dog is aggressive just because of its breed you’re an idiot.


Monday, March 14, 201603/14/2016

Do what you love

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Today, March 14, 2016, we at WPOR had the privilege to have country singer Tucker Beathard in studio where he…

Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont - Day 2 - Inside

Featuring: Atmosphere
Where: Rosemont, Illinois, United States
When: 21 Aug 2015
Credit: C.M. Wiggins/WENN.com

Friday, March 11, 201603/11/2016

Lets Nerd Out for a Minute

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Feel free to comment on the WPOR 101.9 Facebook and/or Twitter to join the conversation. Lets say that you are…


Thursday, March 10, 201603/10/2016

Adams Grandfather gets the Korean Ambassador Medal of Peace

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Adams Grandfather receives a medal for the time served in Korea back in the 1950’s.


Thursday, March 10, 201603/10/2016

The Cookie Song

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If you heard the catchy cookie song the Morning Crew played today, this is the Minecraft video!


Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

Maine’s Best Beer Bar is WHERE?

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This list of America’s 33 Best Beer Bars includes a surprising entry from a small Maine town.

Steven Tyler

Thursday, March 3, 201603/03/2016

Steven Tyler scares kid

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These parents thought it was hilarious that their little boy, Cooper, is terrified of Steven Tyler’s new Skittles commercial …


Wednesday, March 2, 201603/02/2016

Donald Trump says “China” for 3 minutes

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Somebody on YouTube put together a video of Donald Trump saying “China” over and over


Tuesday, March 1, 201603/01/2016

Man vs toddler pillow fight

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This dad vs toddler pillow fight is completely unfair … and funny


Monday, February 22, 201602/22/2016

Watch this crabby self-defense

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This crab is handy with a knife, especially as self-defense!


Stereotypical Nerd

Battle of the NERDS!

Nerd V Nerd! Spell-off. 3…2…1…SPELL!!!


Jon has an update

Ever notice….sssssssomtimessssssss when Jon talkssss?

Mail Woman

Who needs Life Alert anyway!

A story of how the postal service saved a life, literally!

Ying Yang Question Marks

We learned stuff today!

Join us for a show recap would ya!?


The attention seeking Giraffe Woman!

“Yet another self-obsessed, attention craving, ‘me me me’ person. Yuck!” -Adam Rondeau

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