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Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

Max needs a new home!

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Max is our Pet of the Week!  He’s a Lab Mix and is just a sweet, smiley guy!  Click here…


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

The Summit Project

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Sarah is hiking Cadillac Mountain on Saturday for The Summit Project


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

This has got to be one of the dumbest things anyone has ever done!

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Woman takes a Periscope video of herself while driving drunk


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Blake and Brad rehearse for The Voice

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Brad Paisley will be the mentor for Blake Shelton’s team this season on The Voice … NBC released a video of their rehearsal of the George Strait song “The Fireman”


Monday, October 12, 201510/12/2015

Halloween decoration gets 911 calls!

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Woman goes all out on her front lawn for Halloween and people think some of the decorations are real!!


Thursday, October 8, 201510/08/2015

This must be REALLY GOOD mac & cheese!!

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This is the mac & cheese recipe from UConn


Tuesday, October 6, 201510/06/2015

Salley needs a loving home!

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WPOR’s Pet of the Week!


Friday, October 2, 201510/02/2015

Bear Eats Woman’s Kayak

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Mary Maley was on a solo kayak trip in Alaska when she had an encounter with a bear. After a little pepper spray, the bear took it’s revenge … on her kayak!


Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

Garth’s cell phone disaster

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Garth Brooks says he’s been working on the follow-up to last year’s Man Against Machine album for the last 6 months … but it’s all lost since his iPhone fried.


Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

Man saves pregnant dog that was buried alive!!

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Some people are GREAT! This dog rescue story will make you feel great!


CTV Upfront 2014 Arrival at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

Featuring: Michael Emerson
Where: Toronto, Canada
When: 06 Jun 2014
Credit: Dominic Chan/WENN.com

Who is the BEST TV Villain of all time??

Rolling Stone just came out with their list of TV Villains. Who is your “favorite?”


Why is this not HUGE news?? Guy dies from a meteorite?!!

Forget the NH Primary. We should be talking about this guy who died from a falling meteorite!!


The Internet is making you DUMBER and here’s why

There is a reason why your brain can’t concentrate on just one thing. It’s the internet’s fault!

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Jon gives Sarah a quiz. Oh boy.

Turns out, she’s not fluent in balls. Balls, balls, balls, balls……

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