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Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

This baby CRACKS UP at the sound of the word “DONKEY.”

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This baby can NOT stop laughing at the word, “DONKEY.” SO flippin’ cute!!


Monday, January 4, 201601/04/2016

Watch this baby eat bacon for the first time

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A California couple gave bacon to their 19-month old son for the first time on Christmas morning. The boy’s reaction is priceless!


Wednesday, December 23, 201512/23/2015

Here are the most talked about Maine stories from 2015

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Marcy’s Diner, Amy Schumer ends her show early, Steven King wants an apology from the Governor and some of the other stories we talked about in 2015!

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Rugrats II (2000)
directed by Stig Bergqvist and Paul Demeyer
shown: Dil Pickles (Tara Strong), Stu Pickles (Jack Riley), Tommy Pickles (Elizabeth Daily), Angelica Pickles (Cheryl Chase), Chuckie Finster (Christine Cavanaugh), Lil DeVille/Phil DeVille (Kath Soucie), Didi Pickles (Melanie Chartoff)

When: 30 Dec 2014
Credit: WENN.com

**WENN does not claim any ownership including but not limited to Copyright, License in attached material. Fees charged by WENN are for WENN's services only, do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any ownership of Copyright, License in material. By publishing this material you expressly agree to indemnify, to hold WENN, its directors, shareholders, employees harmless from any loss, claims, damages, demands, expenses (including legal fees), any causes of action, allegation against WENN arising out of, connected in any way with publication of the material.**

Tuesday, December 22, 201512/22/2015

How would Tommy Pickles look now?

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See the whole cast of The Rugrats and how they look now!

The 64th Miss Universe Pageant held at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - Arrivals

Featuring: Steve Harvey
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
When: 20 Dec 2015
Credit: DJDM/WENN.com

Monday, December 21, 201512/21/2015

Steve Harvey makes a HUGE mistake!

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OMG! Steve Harvey announced the WRONG WINNER of the Miss Universe pageant!!! Poor Miss Columbia…..

Anita & me

Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

Paralyzed woman and her husband helps family of deceased police officer

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Jim and Anita Conant have experienced their own challenges (Anita is paralyzed from the neck down) and now they help others in need. YOU CAN HELP too!


Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

Kids choose between a gift for themselves or their parents

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Here’s a new video where underprivileged kids can either get a present for themselves, or give something to their parents. And every kid in the video decides to give something to their PARENTS.


Monday, December 14, 201512/14/2015

Will Ferrell returns to SNL

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Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live last weekend as President George W. Bush … and he’s decided to run for office again!


Thursday, December 10, 201512/10/2015

Can you get out of a ticket by singing? YES!

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TJ is a gospel singer, and the chaplain of Orange County Jail in California. When he was stopped by the cops for not wearing a seatbelt, he SANG his way out of the ticket!


Wednesday, December 9, 201512/09/2015

These are GREAT money saving tips!

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These money savings tips could save you a TON of money!!


Asian Beer Man

The POR Morning Crew is full again, talking about booze!

USA drink the most! WHOOOOOOOAA!!!!!

Fresh Iced Coffee with green straw on white background

Here is why you buy an iced coffee today

This interview sums up why donations are so special.


Vegans be like “I got this!”

And sometimes that can do attitude doesn’t cut it.


Hello Mr. Lion

This is why camping can sometime be….um…terrifying!

Soda Bottle

Sarah and Adam talk American drinking habits

Jon is still missing, but the show must go on!

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