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When Squirrels Attack!
When Squirrels Attack!

Brian Genest, a high school junior at St. Dominic’s Academy, was in Florida touring colleges when he decided to take a selfie with a squirrel.

That’s when things went awry …

Brian Genest squirrel


Brian Genest squirrel2

Listen to Brian’s phone call to WPOR, and join his Facebook page!!


POR Duck Lips

They say we only use 10% of our brain anyway…

Here’s a feel good story that should make you want to try harder in life.


Adam has an interesting drug story

While the bar was dead, Adam needs SOMETHING to keep him busy.

Guy Laughing

Chewbacca mask lady

This woman has the most infectious laugh I have ever heard!


Who else sells a gun for a quarter mil?

I bet you could guess who this is if you think back to Florida a few years ago….

Thumbs up

It’s Monday! I need good news

On this, the day after the weekend, we all need some cheering up. THANKS EVERYONE!

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